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Centre d'art La Chapelle Jeanne d'Arc,
Thouars, France

Futur Anterieur, 2015

Site specific installation

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In the studio

Magazine cutout series

Books and magazines
are at the heart of the daily studio practice.

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Musee Henri Prades, Lattes, France

Camera Locus Lattara, 2014

Site specific video installation
within the collections of an archaeological museum

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Manufacture des Gobelins
Savonnerie de Lodeve

Carpet design 2006-12

Carpet design for the Mobilier National
National Furniture of France


Eden Rock gallery, St Barths

C'est pas l'homme, 2011

Gym mats cutout floating on the Caribbean Sea

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Centre d'art la Graineterie,
Houilles, France


Felt cutout installation

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Musee d'Art Moderne de Ceret, France

Cartons, 2002

Ensemble of 50 cardboard boxes
freehand cut

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Futur Anterieur, 2015 Magazine cutout series Camera Locus Lattara, 2014 Carpet design 2006-12 C'est pas l'homme, 2011 Green<br>ouille,<br>2010 Cartons, 2002
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