Portfolio for Tucson

Magazine cutout series © Julien Gardair
Media 1
Sports Illustrated, wimsuit portfolio cutout, 2014
From the ongoing Between the lines series
In this series, books are cut page after page without removing any part. After flipping all its pages has on this shot, you can see all of the content of the book at once.

Media 2
Indian and South East art and antiquities, Nancy Wiener gallery catalog cutout, 2015
This video is another piece shows how the the Between the lines series works by flipping every page of the catalog.

Julien_Gardair-Futur_Anterieur-Centre_dArt_Chapelle_Jeanne_dArc-Thouars_FR2 - Copy
Media 3
Futur anterieur, 2015
Installation for the Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc art center, Thouars, France
Plywood, photograph prints, felt, video triptyque
View from the entrance. Each of the 12 columns is directly cut with a jigsaw out of a 8×4 panel. Every piece is shown either standing, against the wall or laid on the floor. A large felt cutout hangs from the ceiling, covering the balcony and going down all the way to the ground.

Julien_Gardair-Futur_Anterieur-Centre_dArt_Chapelle_Jeanne_dArc-Thouars_FR5 - Copy
Media 4
Futur anterieur, 2015
Installation for the Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc art center, Thouars, France
Plywood, photograph prints, felt, video triptyque
When you turn around each column, you discover that each is also a lectern. Each holds a different image book cutout made of pictures taken in the city.

Greenouille Felt cutout © Julien Gardair 2010
Media 5
Greenouille, felt cutout, 2010
La Graineterie Art Center, Houilles, France
A 60 feet long, 12 feet wide roll of green felt is hanged in space an cut on site. Nothing has been removed and everything is attached, so at the end you can just flat and roll the piece back.


Musee Henri Prades Site specific video installation Photo © Luc Jennepin
Media 6
Camera Locus Lattara, 2014
Archeologic museum Henri Prades, Lattes, France
Single video projector, computer, sound system.
Site specific video installation using a single video projector. During 3 weeks, immersed in the permanent collections of the museum, I investigated the site, the region and the collection, creating all the footage on site from the study and experience.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/117007776 w=964&h=541]
Media 7
Camera Locus Lattara, 2014
Archeological Museum Henri Prades, Lattes, France
Site specific video installation, single video projector, computer.

Dear video sculpture abu dhabi 2014 new york pico projection
Media 8
Dear…, 2014, presented at Spring/Break, New York, USA
8x4x12 ft
Video sculpture, single Pico projector, wood, aluminium, fabric, thread and mylar.
This piece present footage shot in Abu Dhabi while in residency in January 2014 simultaneously on 4 double sided screens. One screen has a shape of a dune, one of a building, another of bilboard and the fourth one of a tent.

Media 9
Short extract of the video projected in the Dear… video sculpture. Each sequence is made of two sequences mixed through the use of a cutout mask.

not real anymore (2 of 4)
Media 10
Real on Rock Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2014
Asphalt felt cutout, size vary, 17 yards long