Which show opens in New York tonight?

If you’re new to New York you might look for some resources where to find the best information about the current art shows, the upcoming openings, talks, lecture or other event.

Here a list of my favorite ones:

Find here a variety of listings announcing shows in New York City and the way to apply to them.

Art Haps offers both a weekly newsletter you can subscribe to and an online listing.

Zingrecs NY offers a weekly selection of openings in NY as a newsletter and on their website.

Art Critical just started an online day to day listing run by Andrew Ginzel who used to run it as a newsletter group.

NY ArtBeat exists as both a website and an app .

Artforum has an online listing and app.

Artnet also has a curated listing.

Time Out has also one, as well as an app.

Art- collecting.com has a little list of galleries but can worth it to get listed.

NY mag also offers a consistant listing.

Artcards is the last one I can think about right now.

If you know about other resources, please share them as a comment and don’t hesitate to share these resources.
If you’re interested in promoting your show to one of these listings, check this article.

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